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More Service


Our customer service does everything to ensure orders are delivered on time. Available at all times, the team systematically updates customers on the different steps in the processing of their orders. Breeders can find downloadable advice pages in the website.





We actively work to guarantee reliable and rapid logistics. Be it in terms of transport (by road or by boat) or in the packaging format (sack, big bag or in bulk), we go as far as offering different solutions to answer the specific needs of our customers.




Our technical team is composed of experienced technicians, nutritionists and veterinarians and aims at building strong relationships with our distributors. We offer them technical support by organizing support in the field and training.


Elvor, expert in nutrition of young animals

For more than 50 years, Elvor has been a leader in the field of nutrition for young animals. It offers milk replacers for rearing calves, veal calves, lamb, kid goats, foals...
Milk replacers, sometimes referred to by breeders as “milk powder”, “powdered milk” or “artificial milk”, can be used to replace or supplement the mother’s milk until weaning. Elvor provides farmers with a large range of products that answer different customer needs be they peace of mind, cost effective technical performance, or specific needs.
Breeder or distributor, on this site, you will find information on Elvor products as well as advice on breeding young animals.
Our veterinarian and technical team are here to help. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


ELVOR is involved in Belgium for the Prim Holstein European Championship

ELVOR is involved in Belgium for the Prim Holstein European Championship

Discover  with us Horimetz Holstein farm in Chièvres, Belgium, and the very good performance on calves with Elvor HP program. Then meet us at our booth for t...

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