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Since 1959, Elvor is leader in the field of nutrition for young animals. Its large range of milk replacers can be used to replace or to enrich mother's milk.
Thanks to its expertise and innovation, Elvor stands out as a benchmark in the nutrition for rearing calves, veal calves, lambs, kid goats, and many other species.

High Performance range

At least 1000g/day of growth from birth to weaning period.


Embark on our

  • Episode 1: Ireland (Liffey Mills)

    S1 - Épisode 1 — Roscrea (Irlande)

    1st video of our "Elvor Tour". Embark on a journey to Ireland, and meet Willie Boland, sales manager at Liffey Mills, and John Joe Doyle, irish farmer who uses Elvor Performance milk replacer.

  • Episode 2: France (Kévin Rémy)

    S1 - Épisode 2 — Nouillonpont (France)

    2nd video of our "Elvor Tour". This time, we go to the North-East of France, to meet Kévin Rémy, a dairy farmer, who uses the Elvor HP.

  • Episode 3: France (Etienne, agri Youtubeurre

    S1 - Épisode 3 — Viré en Champagne (France)

    3rd video of our Elvor Tour. Let's go for our 2nd stop in France, in the Sarthe, at the home of a well-known Youtube breeder: Etienne, agri Youtubeurre. He talks to us about the milk replacer he uses, Tanor Dynamic SD, and previews our new digital tool, elvOdit.

  • Episode 4: Belgium (Starmilk)

    S1 - Épisode 4 — Ath (Belgique)

    Fourth and penultimate video of our Elvor Tour. We meet Bruno Royen and Jean-François Lericq, respectively manager and area sales manager at Starmilk in Belgium. This is an opportunity to talk to one of their 700 breeders, Florent, who tells us about his experience with Elvor HP Blanc Bleu, a formula developed specifically for the Belgian Blue White breed.

  • Episode 5: Italy (SimaZoo)

    S1 - Épisode 5 — Centallo (Italie)

    Fifth and last video of our Elvor Tour. In Italy we meet Mauro Bossolasco, director of SimaZoo, and Stefano Villosi, an Italian breeder who uses the Maternor (= Elvor Starter 60 in Italy).

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I have interest for everything innovative. The most important is to observe the animals and to weight them and then to adapt the strategy — Kévin Rémy, EARL WOECOURT at Nouillonpont (France)
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