This year, ELVOR offers an even wider selection of milk replacers for calves.

This year, Elvor has added to its range of milk replacers for calves with:

  • ADAPTO +, a complete milk replacer to nourish and protect calves during the first few weeks of life. It contains, 55% skimmed milk powder and 100% milk proteins to guarantee optimal digestibility. It offers a protective complex of electrolytes, natural immunoglobulins (derived from egg products), clay and carob flour, prebiotics and probiotics and plant extracts selected for their role in reducing the risk of parasites.

  • A new range of feed solutions with zero palm oil or animal-based fats. And of course, GMO-free with a diversified source of fats (rapeseed, coconut and flaxseed oils) to offer calves a perfectly balanced fatty acid profile especially rich in omega-3.

  • ELVOR JERSEY and its feeding plan designed for Jersey cow breeders. Thanks to its specific formulation (28% Crude Proteins and 23% Crude Fats), Elvor Jersey matches the milk composition and the breed’s physiological specificities to better meet the dietary requirements of these calves.

Discover these products in our ranges or contact your export development manager for further information.